Our Guru, His Divine Holiness Bapji, manifested into this world by the wish of Lord Swaminarayan and Our Beloved Bapashree. Throughout his life, HDH Bapji has accomplished great social and spiritual deeds that have impacted the world in a meaningful manner. Let's take a glimpse into the life of such a divine persona.

  • 1923


    Our Beloved Bapashree gave Jethabhai (HDH Bapji's Father) blessings for two sons, with the condition that "One is yours, One is Ours". The ‘One is Ours' is none other than our very own Guru, HDH Bapji.

  • 1933


    For the propagation of the principles of ‘Karan' Satsang, Our Guru HDH Bapji manifested in the village of Vasan, located in the Viramgam taluka of Gujarat, India. As per Bapashree's wish, the name ‘Devubhai' was given to him.

  • 1953


    To obtain a spiritual and social successor, HDH Bapji prayed to his Guru; Sadguru Muni Bapa. Having been pleased by the prayer, Sadguru Muni Bapa gave the blessings for HH Swamishree to manifest into this world.

  • 1956


    HDH Bapji held the Saint Initiation Ceremony and obtained the name 'Sadhu Devnandandasji'.

  • 1959


    By the blessing of Sadguru Muni Swami, Our Beloved Ghanshyam (HH Swamishree) manifested into this world in the village of Daduka, located in Anand taluka of Gujarat, India.

  • 1968


    From Sadguru Muni Swami, our Guru HDH Bapji obtained the principles and ideologies of ‘Karan' Satsang. In doing so, Our Guru became the spiritual successor of Sadguru Muni Swami and the divine lineage of Sadgurus originating from Sadguru Goplanand Swami known as the ‘Amir Pedhi'.

  • 1970


    To initiate the worldwide propagation of the supreme principles of Lord Swaminarayan and Bapashree, our Guru started an assembly beside the Maleksaben stadium in the region of Bapunagar. This is located in Ahmedabad and is the foundation of the Ghanshyamnagar temple.

  • 1974


    In hopes of fulfilling the wish of Lord Swaminarayan, our Guru created the first temple in the entire Sect with only the Murti (idol) of Lord Swaminarayan. The temple is located in Ghanshyamnagar and is the foundation of pure Upasana (Faith).

  • 1976


    The first issue of 'Ghanshyam' Magazine was published by our organization.

  • 1978


    Our Guru met with the beloved child Ghanshyam (HH Swamishree) for the first time in the Kalupur temple.

  • 1980


    HDH Bapji's favorite disciple and spiritual successor, HH Swamishree, was initiated as a saint with the name 'Sadhu Satyasankalpdasji'. The name means that all wishes (Sankalp) Swamishree makes will come true (Satya).

  • 1981


    In celebration of 200 years since the manifestation of Lord Swaminarayan, the ‘Swaminarayan Dwishatabdi Mahotsav' was held at the Ghanshyamnagar temple.

  • 1984


    For the propagation of the principles of Lord Swaminarayan and Beloved Bapashree, Our Guru HDH Bapji freed himself from the obligations and bonds of the entire sect.

  • 1987


    The very first ‘shikharbadh' temple with pure ‘upasana' (faith) was inaugurated at the sanctified place of Vasna, which also marks the establishment of SMVS.

  • 1987


    To spread the principles of Lord Swaminarayan, he established 'Swaminarayan Sanskar Kendra' by creating three distinct groups; Children, youth and adults.

  • 1993


    As a pre-phase for the 150-year celebration of our Beloved Bapashree, 'Bapashree Mahotsav' was held at Lunavada.

  • 1994


    To celebrate 150 years of Our Beloved Bapashree, the famous ‘Jivanpran Abjibapashree Shardh Shatabdi Mahotsav' was celebrated. This massive undertaking was accomplished with just 14 of our sants.

  • 1995


    For the very first time Our Guru HDH Bapji traveled abroad to London, England and planted the seeds of ‘Karan' Satsang in foreign lands.

  • 1996


    For the very first time Our Guru HDH Bapji traveled to America and Kuwait to lay the seeds of ‘Karan' Satsang.

  • 2001


    For the spiritual and social growth of women all over the world and by the inspiration of our Guru HDH Bapji, female sants were initiated into the sect under the name ‘Bhaktiniwas'.

  • 2001 - 2002

    2001 - 2002

    To celebrate 200 years of the Swaminarayan' maha-mantra, the ‘Swaminarayan Mahamantra Dwishatabdi Mahotsav' was celebrated.

  • 2002


    Swaminarayan Dham, located in Gandhinagar, was inaugurated and established as the headquarters of SMVS.

  • 2002


    To develop spirituality, morality, and education in children, SMVS Swaminarayan Dham Gurukul' was established in Gandhinagar.

  • 2003


    The very first pure ‘upasana' (faith) temple on foreign lands was inaugurated in Jersey City, New Jersey; marking the first step in making Karan Satsang worldwide.

  • 2006


    To celebrate 100 years of the Annotated Vachnamrut (Rahashyarth Vachnamrut), the ‘Vachnamrut Rahashyarth Bapashri Vaani Shatabdi Mahotsav' was celebrated.

  • 2007


    For the proper management of the entire SMVS organization, departments were established.

  • 2008


    In celebration of 75 years of the manifestation of Guru HDH Bapji, an 'Amrut Parva Shibir' was held.

  • 2011


    For the proper spiritual and overall development of aspirants aspiring to become a sant, a training center named ‘Samarpit Talim Kendra' (STK) was established.

  • 2011


    For the nurturing of young female students, ‘SMVS Swaminarayan Dham Girls Gurukul' was established at Gandhinagar.

  • 2011


    For the nourishment of satsang and morality in young kids, ‘Adarsh Bal Project' (ABS) was established.

  • 2012


    In completion of 25 years since the establishment of SMVS, a grand celebration, ‘SMVS Silver Jubilee Mahotsav' was held.

  • 2012


    HDH Bapji announced Beloved HH Satyasankalpdasji Swamishree, a satpurush, as his spiritual and overall successor.

  • 2012


    The future project of ‘Karan Satsang University' was announced. As a pre-step to the university ‘Adarsh Yuva Project'(AYP) was established.

  • 2012


    In celebration of the Silver Jubilee of SMVS, 29 temples and lands were inaugurated.

  • 2012


    As a precursor of the Silver Jubilee of SMVS, 14 different events named 'Rajat Gaurav Din' were celebrated throughout all of Gujarat.

  • 2013


    For the proper spiritual and overall development of females aspiring to become a female sant, a training center named ‘Samarpit Talim Kendra' (STK) was established.

  • 2014


    To help clarify the principles of Karan Satsang as explained by Our Guru, the compressed scripture ‘Swaroopnishta' was released. Both Our Guru HDH Bapji and HH Swamishree took a personal interest in the creation of the book to ensure its accuracy.

  • 2015


    The SMVS Charities Trust was established to benefit and manage social and creative activities for people all over the world.

  • 2015


    The 'Constitution of SMVS' was composed to preserve its ideals, morals, and principles for hundreds and thousands of years to come and to make sure they never deviate from these foundations.

    For the upholding of the commands of Lord Swaminarayan for sants, and to make sure that sants can follow these commands today and for centuries to come, the ‘Sant Constitution' was composed.

  • 2016


    The headquarters of North America was established at Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The purpose of this HQ is to streamline activities, events, and materials in all the temples found in North America.

  • 2016


    At the location where Our Beloved Bapashree originally manifested, a shrine was built in honor and recognition of his great deeds.

  • 2016


    A special group, known as ‘Chhatralaya', was created for the spiritual protection of youth engaged in studies.

  • 2019


    To serve the people, the monumental achievement of creating an affordable hospital with the latest technology and certified doctors was completed. It is known as ‘SMVS Swaminarayan Hospital'.

  • 2019


    A book with the talks of our Beloved Guru HDH Bapji was created, containing the important fragments found in his discourses. This book titled ‘HDH Bapji ni Amrut Vato - Part 1" was released in the presence of Our Guru.

  • 2019


    Our Beloved Guru HDH Bapji chose to disappear his mundane form from this world. However, he forever resides in Swaminarayan Dham, Gandhinagar through his divine form and gives blessings to all that come.